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Brand New Jewelry wholesale


Top Enterprise Quality
Viennois have more than 10 years of expertise in jewelries and accessories in china. have own design, manufacturing , through ISO9000.
Factory Pirce Guarantee
Our products are from viennois factories, then ship to you, save a lot of money for you.
No-Risk Guarantee
we sell will give you 100% satisfaction or 3-day no-risk return it for a refund
Exclusive Designs
We have own professional jewelry design team And the designs is from forefront of fashion.

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Product Name Being Confident In Alloy White Fashion Short Necklace Bucharest Wonderful Snake Shaped Sea Blue Collar Necklace
A5306744 V5309020
Detail Item Specifications Item Specifications
SKU A5306744 SKU V5309020
Category Fashion Short Necklace Category Collar Necklace
Country of Origin China Country of Origin China
Main Gemstone typeSimulated Pearl Main Gemstone typeSimulated Swarovski Crystal
ElectrogildingRhodium Plated ElectrogildingRhodium Plated
Regional StylesWedding and Party Regional StylesSouth American style
Jewelry MetalAlloy Jewelry MetalAlloy
Main ColourWhite Main ColourSea Blue
Hot ElementForal Hot ElementSnake Shaped
Main Gemstone typeCubic Zirconia HolidayHalloween
Main Gemstone typeRhinestone
Net Weight 0.08KG / Pieces Net Weight 0.01KG / Pieces
Availability 27 Pieces 74 Pieces

If you want to be outstanding and distinguished in a big party which is full of people who come from different places, our jewelry will make you closer to your expectation by virtue of its cluster and sparkling as well as unique exaggerated design.

Multilayer jewelry takes on a rich and color decoration result when you wear it. Due to the several layers, you can be decorated with ornaments in different degrees.

Quick and delivery
No matter when you place your order, Viennois must give you reply as soon as possible. And then all of order in Viennois will be deal with in a shortest time. And Viennois has cooperation with trusted and reputed logistic service providers for a long time such as SF, DHL, FedEx and EMS to dispatch goods to all over the world. A variety of shipping ways means convenient shopping online.
Matching with Peter Pan Collar
For clothes with Peter Pan Collar, a little bit long necklace is good choice which is with total diifferent color with your clothes so that outstand the best result.

In this season, South American style has come here and then bring a hot fashion trend to fashion world, so if you choose jewelry in South American style, you are the person who has a high fashion taste. And then the South American style jewelry is beautiful in design and wonderful in decoration result.

Simulated Swarovski crystal is as same as Swarovski crystal in the appearance and color. So the gorgeous and elegant style of jewelry make elevate your fashion style and your higher taste. And you will be outstanding in the evening party.

Ability to do OEM
Just because Viennois-online has qualified products, so many international famous brands are willing to build partnership with Viennois for a so long time. In the fashion jewelry industry, the one who dare to receive OEM order is competent in design and manufacturing.
Daily care
Gems and gem quality items if improperly stored can cause damage to each other. Diamonds, for example, may scratch rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. To be on the safe side, be sure that gemstones and other jewellery do not touch each other. Cultured pearls need special care because of their softness. Clean and dry the pearls prior to storing them in a special chamois pouch safe from potential harm.

MSRP US$ 29.17 /Pieces US$ 21.60 /Pieces
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Jewelry Article

How to get the fashion jewelry with competitive prices

If you are attempting to reduce your investment, it does not mean that you need to quit your more purchases. Diamonds stud earrings as well as other precious metal jewelry may be from your cost range. However, there is one sensible way for you to get the appearance you would like without any busting your budget, which is to wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen. Only in this way, can you get the most valuable pieces with very competitive prices.


For one thing, fashion jewelry is available in numerous shapes and designs from online stores. Not all the people will have enough money to these types of costly decoration, so it is a very good choice to consider doing the wholesale. Whenever a shop purchases wholesale, it really is purchasing items copious and for that reason with the ability to purchase them less expensive. As a result, much more access towards the excellent jewelries with less expensive way. Viennois-online can be set as a good platform in doing wholesale in the fashion world.

For another, make sure that you have got a reliable store, so you can do your purchases at ease and do not need to worry about the problem caused by the inferior quality. Do you often buy wholesale stud earrings? Yes, I mean that if you present your jewelry well, it can also be a cherished gift. He or she can feel your heart and you have bought the best pieces that they will wear in the daily life.

The particular tendency associated with wholesale grows actually generally because clothing tends to be a thing that has been the daily need for all the women of all age. So if you want to add some glamour to your entire outfit, you must own different kinds of jewelries to make different matches, so that you can also keep the trend of fashion all the time and have a nice mood all day long.

Designers from Viennois have a unique perspective on matching and choosing fashion jewelry for people especially for young women. To know what kind jewelry style is most suitable for you, or you need to make yourself with unique and fashionable looking according to unique character and advantages of different people, you can connect me on facebook or Google+. To know more about jewelry wholesale, please focus me on Google+ or facebook.